Future of MOTU

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at bioxray.dk
Tue Mar 2 15:27:36 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 02 March 2010 00:06:49 Michael Bienia wrote:

> > ii) Coordinate with all the other Ubuntu Developer Teams to set up a
> > distribution-wide REVU Coordination team, with representatatives from
> > each development group helping to ensure that packages of interest to
> > each area are well tracked, and REVU again becomes considered a useful
> > tool.  I'd like to call on the REVU Hackers to support this team,
> > potentially extending REVU to better support tracking of "claimed" vs.
> > "unclaimed" packages, etc.  The current tags functionality may be
> > enough, but it may not.
> Although REVU is a nice tool, I'm not sure that is fits well in the MOTU
> workflow. It might work better for other teams where the packager and
> the team is really interested in getting the package into the archive
> and (more important) continue to maintain the package (ideally it ends
> in the package set for that team).

I my opinion, REVU is a hugely useful tool. A lot of work has quietly been 
done on the software lately, in large part thanks to RainCT, and I now think 
it is quite close to ideal: easy to use, and robust.

REVU enforces a very productive ping-pong type of interaction with prospective 
developers and packagers, and especially if used in conjunction with IRC, it's 
a good way to learn & teach packaging and developement practices.

Earlier, we used to have "REVU-days", where a handful of MOTUs on IRC really 
could get a lot done and lots of packages processed. I am not sure how it has 
been working lately, since I've been busy with other things the last couple of 
cycles, but the " Next REVU Day" display on REVU has been set to "TBD" for a 
long time now.  I definitely think we need to revoke REVU days (when that d*mn 
arch-reorg is finalized, perhaps we can start work again??)

With REVU, there is a problem if it takes to long to get a package reviewed. 
The uploaders become unmotivated and disappear. The package is left in the 
"needs work" state, and that list is even longer than the "needs review" list.

IMHO REVU is one of the best display windows for Ubuntu developement.


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