Future of MOTU

Michael Bienia michael at bienia.de
Tue Mar 2 22:51:35 GMT 2010

On 2010-03-03 02:08:27 +0900, Emmet Hikory wrote:
> Michael Bienia wrote:
> > On 2010-03-02 12:55:00 +0900, Emmet Hikory wrote:
> >> Michael Bienia wrote:
> >> > On 2010-02-22 12:53:09 +0900, Emmet Hikory wrote:
> >
> > [MOTU Leaders]
> > I fully understand that but do you have an idea how to keep this list of
> > Leaders open so that no impression of a "fixed" list of Leader
> > (positions) arises and nobody dares to propose a new Leader (position)?
>     This is an excellent point, and not one I'd considered before.
> Given this potential, I'd be willing to do without MOTU Leaders, and
> retain leadership to the several MOTU.  What do you think about the
> idea of having a nomination period after each cycle, and keeping a
> page honoring individual MOTU for achievements of great note in each
> cycle?

That sounds great. That way we could value those MOTUs for their
contribution and encourage other MOTU to get listed on this page through
their contributions too. This list of "most valuable MOTUs" shouldn't be
limited in size and list everyone who qualified in that cycle (the more
valuable MOTUs we have the better).

> > [MOTU meetings]
>     I'm not tempted to lead MOTU Metings if there's not consensus it's
> the right way to proceed, because I think partial or unbalanced
> involvement will lead to either alienation or a sense of "iniders" and
> "outsiders".

I think MOTU Meetings are a right way but I currently have a hard time
thinking of good (regular) topics to make them work in the long run (but
perhaps others have good ideas). If my memory serves me right, the MOTU
meetings died of no topics and with no topics the attendees stayed away.

>     My feeing from a quick scan of relevant sources is that we're in
> the 20-30 range for some elvel of activity (highly variable).  I'm
> probably undercounting, but I doubt it's in the 70-80 range (or eve
> much above 50).  Note that this count excluded those MOTU who are also
> some other sort of developer (often core-dev) as I didn't analyse the
> activity closely to determine where it fell.

That number is sufficient for me. As that helps to estimate how much
activity can be expected and also what kind of goverance structure would
be suitable for MOTU.


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