Reorganize MOTU team documentation?

Benjamin Drung bdrung at
Mon Mar 1 15:43:31 GMT 2010

Am Montag, den 01.03.2010, 16:37 +0100 schrieb Morten Kjeldgaard:
> I have to admit it: I hate the wiki. While it is very, very, very easy  
> to add new and quite good looking documentation, it is nearly  
> impossible to maintain, let alone get an overview of what is available  
> and what state it is in.


> In its current state, the Wiki contains loads of grossly out-of-date  
> information.
> Now, in connection with the reorganization of the MOTU team, I propose  
> that all the MOTU team documentation gradually be moved into Mallard  
> format in an ordinary directory tree, living in a bzr branch owned by  
> our team on LaunchPad.
> We could translate the docs into HTML pages that could be packaged and  
> distributed, and thus installable by everyone on their own machine.  
> The documentation should also be hosted somewhere ... possibly at   
> Having the documentation in an DVCS, every instance  
> of it would have a version number that could be referenced, there  
> would be a history feed for the documentation as a whole (not just  
> individual pages, like the wiki has) and there would be a valid  
> version of the documentation matching each release of *ubuntu.
> Updating, searching, and maintaining the documentation (i.e. packaging  
> guides, tutorials etc.) would be much easier, and the same is true for  
> translations of the same.

+1 Having the documentation in a DVCS accessible by all MOTU is a good

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