Reorganize MOTU team documentation?

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at
Mon Mar 1 15:37:51 GMT 2010

I have to admit it: I hate the wiki. While it is very, very, very easy  
to add new and quite good looking documentation, it is nearly  
impossible to maintain, let alone get an overview of what is available  
and what state it is in.

In its current state, the Wiki contains loads of grossly out-of-date  

Now, in connection with the reorganization of the MOTU team, I propose  
that all the MOTU team documentation gradually be moved into Mallard  
format in an ordinary directory tree, living in a bzr branch owned by  
our team on LaunchPad.

We could translate the docs into HTML pages that could be packaged and  
distributed, and thus installable by everyone on their own machine.  
The documentation should also be hosted somewhere ... possibly at Having the documentation in an DVCS, every instance  
of it would have a version number that could be referenced, there  
would be a history feed for the documentation as a whole (not just  
individual pages, like the wiki has) and there would be a valid  
version of the documentation matching each release of *ubuntu.

Updating, searching, and maintaining the documentation (i.e. packaging  
guides, tutorials etc.) would be much easier, and the same is true for  
translations of the same.


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