Science (Universe) gdal-bin missing EVHR / ITT ENVI binary format [RESOLVED]

Peter Willis pwillis at
Tue Jan 12 16:26:49 GMT 2010

This is resolved:

The ENVI format is covered as one standard under 'RAW' formats.

'gdal-config --formats' just does not indicate the availability
of this format as there are several formats lumped together
under the banner of 'RAW'.

I guess I should have just tried it before I blurted...



Peter Willis wrote:
> Hello,
> The gdal-bin package for ubuntu 9.04 (and possibly 9.10 ??)
> appears to be missing the RSI/ITT ENVI file format capability.
> The package is labeled as being maintained by people on this list.
> My apologies If I am in error regarding the maintainers.
> If this *is* the location to contact the maintainers:
> This format should be added and included by default in any future
> updates of the package since it is one of the most widely used
> binary scientific data formats.
> In the mean time, what are the gdal build parameters used
> when compiling gdal for the package build?
> I would like to compile the package for my own use, adding
> the ENVI format to my build.
> If there is an updated package that contains this additional format
> that would be even better.
> Thanks for any info,
> Peter

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