Science (Universe) gdal-bin missing EVHR / ITT ENVI binary format

Peter Willis pwillis at
Fri Jan 8 00:28:10 GMT 2010


The gdal-bin package for ubuntu 9.04 (and possibly 9.10 ??)
appears to be missing the RSI/ITT ENVI file format capability.

The package is labeled as being maintained by people on this list.
My apologies If I am in error regarding the maintainers.

If this *is* the location to contact the maintainers:

This format should be added and included by default in any future
updates of the package since it is one of the most widely used
binary scientific data formats.

In the mean time, what are the gdal build parameters used
when compiling gdal for the package build?

I would like to compile the package for my own use, adding
the ENVI format to my build.

If there is an updated package that contains this additional format
that would be even better.

Thanks for any info,


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