ffmpeg transition, almost there, call for help

Stefan Potyra stefan.potyra at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Thu Sep 10 21:34:17 BST 2009


ffmpeg changed it's library names from -unstripped- to -extra-, e.g. 
libavutil-unstripped-49 -> libavutil-extra-49.
While the -unstripped- variants are still there as dummy packages, it would 
help apts dependency resolver a lot, if we could get rid of rdepends 
against -unstripped- packages.

The good news, there are not many source packages left.

A number of packages that are left have hard-coded these as 
depends/recommends. Generally I dislike this practice (libraries should get 
calculated from the shlibs file), but admitted, there are good reasons for 
some of the packages to do so. While I guess there might be a better scheme 
to do this, I wouldn't advise to change the way things work at this point of 
the freeze.

The remaining source packages can be calculated with the following scriptlet:

for i in $(apt-cache rdepends libavutil-unstripped-49 \
libavcodec-unstripped-52 libavdevice-unstripped-52 libavfilter-unstripped-0 \
libpostproc-unstripped-51 libavformat-unstripped-52 \
libswscale-unstripped-0 | \
sed -e 's/Reverse Depends://' | grep '  '); \
do apt-cache showsrc $i | grep ^Package | \
sed -e 's/Package: //'; done | sort -u

Please help to get these adjusted.

Various info I obtained while migrating a large set (info might be outdated):
The following packages should simply get rebuild, but FTBFS:

For mythexport I've already filed a bug (427508).
Benjamin (hey, congrats for your MOTU-ship!) is on audacious (pending a fix in 
wxwidgets2.8 - which I thought I'd come around to upload last weekend, 
sorry... at least now you can upload the fix yourself ;).

Please also note, that unstable has the new ffmpeg as well, so bug reports due 
to *hard-coded* depends/recommends should get forwarded where applicable. 
(please don't forward requests for mere rebuilds, as these can be handled via 
binNMUs in unstable).

Final note: not every of my rebuilds built fine on every architecture. This 
fallout should be in NBS though, so please look at there as well.

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