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Sat Nov 7 22:16:41 GMT 2009


I have a webcam which requires this driver (actually the ov7x20.o)
driver, this one is not compiled in the standard kernel, so I downloaded
the "ov511-source"package for which you "ubuntu Motu developers" are
listed as maintainers, the ovcAM.org website hasn't published a newer
version since 2006, and the package mentioned above is no longer
compatible with the latest kernel architecture it seems (there is no
compiling it, it hangs on lots of failures) Can you point me in the
right direction to get this compiled? (I tried to compile against kernel
2.6.24-21 without any luck btw)
If not perhaps this package is no longer applicable (would be shame

Greetings Peter  
  koenens at fastmail.fm

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