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Stefan Potyra stefan.potyra at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Mon Nov 2 11:43:22 GMT 2009

Hi Mark,

Am Monday 02 November 2009 11:00:57 schrieb Mark Shuttleworth:
> Stefan Potyra wrote:
> > Hi Martin,
> >
> > Am Saturday 31 October 2009 10:57:21 schrieb Martin Pitt:
> >> Stefan Potyra [2009-10-31  2:58 +0100]:
> >>> That aside, I find it very interesting and disturbing that membership
> >>> of otherwise voted upon boards are (as it occurs to me from this mail)
> >>> prolonged by the will of one developer.
> >>
> >> Well, it wasn't just that. It was discussed on th DMB list, and there
> >> was general agreement (Mark voted +1 on the list, Colin on IRC, I
> >> agreed as well, and there was no objection from other members).
> >
> > thanks for clearing that up, but I must admit that I'm now even more
> > confused: Daniel wrote that this was a decision of TB and CC, while you
> > wrote that it was done on the (private) DMB list, making me assume that
> > it was an action of DMB. Which board did take the decision then?
> Oh for Pete's sake!
> This was a simple pragmatic decision to preserve the status quo while we
> move to a cleaner, better structure.
> Let's not bog ourselves down in procedural pedantry. If the CC need to,
> we can make direct appointments and replacements on any structure in
> Ubuntu, and will do so.

Thanks, Mark, that's at least a clear announcement, helping me better 
understand how the Ubuntu government works in reality, and to what degree 
government bodies value the community.

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