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Mon Nov 2 12:56:29 GMT 2009

On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 11:43 AM, Stefan Potyra
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> Thanks, Mark, that's at least a clear announcement, helping me better
> understand how the Ubuntu government works in reality, and to what degree
> government bodies value the community.

Stefan, that's rather harsh.

The CC is predominantly made up of community members. Only 2 out of 8
of its members work for Canonical. Of course we value the community.
The community is the reason for us being on the Council and we
represent it. Here we took action in consultation with the DMB to
ensure that two members of the seven members of the MC didn't expire
in circumstances where the MC is not going to exist in three months.
The alternative was an election which we felt was overkill given that
there is work going on to restructure the governance system in this
area. Frankly, I think I'm right in saying that we felt that this was
an easy decision and couldn't see any serious objection.

Matthew East
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