REVU: Automated Package Checks

Loïc Martin loic.martin3 at
Fri Jan 23 00:31:42 GMT 2009

Nathan Handler wrote:
> One way that we can accomplish this is by having REVU perform some
> automated checks of the source package (more than it does now). We
> could then have it add a comment to the upload mentioning what was
> wrong, and send it to the Needs Work list. This automatic check could
> look for things such as a debian/changelog entry that has a proper
> version and target distribution, and closes a needs-packaging bug on
> Launchpad. These are common issues that I have seen on the majority of
> the packages that I have reviewed on REVU. By automatically sending
> them to the Needs Packaging list with a comment, the uploader will be
> made aware of the issues with the package, and a MOTU will not waste
> their time reviewing a package that is known to have errors in it.
> I am aware that REVU currently checks that the package has a valid
> Maintainer in debian/control, has a debian/watch file or
> get-orig-source target, and that it is lintian clean (when run on the
> .dsc); however, it seems that most people ignore the messages that it
> displays above the comments. This is one reason why I feel adding an
> actual comment and sending it to the Needs Work list would be much
> more beneficial.

What happens when lintian (or another automated check) throws an error,
but that error is not justified? I've seen the case for all cdemu
related packages (for example ) where
lintian reports an error but according to the packager (and my newbie
review ;) ) the error is bogus. Maybe it would be possible to get
overrides after asking on IRC for a MOTU to check it (even without
reviewing the whole package, just checking the error)?

BTW, the same packages have been uploaded to revu on December *2007* and
all errors fixed close to one year ago, but the fact the uploader
maintains its packages so well means for each upload (new upstream
versions) the date on REVU changes, and the stuff has been sitting there
for far longer than it appear.


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