REVU: Automated Package Checks

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Fri Jan 23 00:11:14 GMT 2009

On Thu, 22 Jan 2009 17:30:29 -0600 Nathan Handler <nhandler at> 

snip lots of good stuff I generally agree with.

>This automatic check could
>look for things such as a debian/changelog entry that has a proper
>version and target distribution, and closes a needs-packaging bug on
>Launchpad. These are common issues that I have seen on the majority of
>the packages that I have reviewed on REVU.

More snippage.

The purposes of needs packaging bugs are to give people a way to request 
things get packaged, to give packagers an idea what people would like to 
see, and to make work in progress visible to avoid duplication.

It would be a shame to not upload a package due to lack of filling out some 
form.  Needs packaging bus are a good idea, but to block anything due to 
lack of one puts form over function.  Please leave this one out.

Scott K

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