Staging area for REVU uploads?

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at
Sun Feb 22 13:20:23 GMT 2009

On 22/02/2009, at 04.45, Stefan Potyra wrote:

> hm... not too sure: Just adding *all* packages on revu to my pbuilder
> environment is something which I feel uncomfortable with.  
> Personally, I use
> mini-dinstall for this task, because it lets me explicitely select  
> which
> package I want to be able to see in my pbuilder environment.

You wouldn't be adding _all_ REVU packages to your pbuilder  
environment, only the ones that passed muster and got +2 votes.

A package would be uploaded to Ubuntu's archive if it's open,  
otherwise the PPA.

I think it is important to maintain that packages in the PPA would  
have the same high quality as the distributed ones, except they didn't  
make the current distribution for administrative reasons etc.


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