MOTU Meeting Minutes for 2009-01-30

Nathan Handler nhandler at
Thu Feb 12 14:37:30 GMT 2009

On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 9:49 PM, Morten Kjeldgaard <mok at> wrote:
> Following up on last MOTU meeting, I have set up a mock-up site
> displaying the revised REVU workflow [1]. The original proposal is
> available on the wiki [2].

Let me start by saying nice job getting a mock-up version of REVU
online Morten! However, the more I think about this issue, the more I
feel that more lists are not the correct solution. Your philosophy
behind adding more lists was to not have packages that already had one
advocate but received a non-advocating comment from a MOTU be sent to
the Needs Work list. What if instead of lists, we had searches? These
searches would allow each user to specify exactly what type of
packages they wish to see. For instance, there could be searches based
on the number of comments, searches based on the number of days since
the package was uploaded, or even searches based on the name of the
package. We could then allow the user to choose which search(s) should
be displayed on the main page. I think that this would make it much
easier for MOTUs to find the packages they are interested in and
review them. I am interested in hearing what the rest of the community
thinks about this ideas.

Nathan Handler (nhandler)

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