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Sat Dec 26 06:09:46 GMT 2009

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Douglas Marsh wrote:
> Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu at>
> Jonathan Carter <jonathan at>
> To WHOM it may concern.. a grave problem with this package (I did not do
> ANY tinkering, just basic add/removes) as it doesn't want to remove!
> I can't figure out HOW to remove it!? (aside from a system reinstall)
> can't force a reinstall then remove or any of the common tricks. I can
> brute force remove files and try to purge the apt database, but a
> reinstall would be safer.
> I am guessing others will have this problem (as I didn't do anything
> other than standard repository adds/removes).
> --Doug


I'm speaking here as the upstream for that package.

The issue you're experiencing is because the daemon died just after it
started, probably because it wasn't configured correctly (see the
configuration file in /etc/default/ltsp-cluster-pxeconfig).

That way it created a pid file in /var/run/ making start-stop-daemon to
believe it's already started leading to the logical failure of the kill.

There's three ways to fix that issue in your case:
 - Actually configure it so stop will work
 - Remove the pid file in /var/run/
 - Remove /var/lib/dpkg/info/ltsp-cluster-pxeconfig.prerm (that should
remove the code trying to do the stop action)

Also, feel free to open a bug report on Launchpad so that the
start-stop-daemon command is changed to check for the existence of the
process before killing it (if possible) or the return code of the stop
action ignored (I'd advise against that + it's probably not so easy to
do with CDBS).

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