Possible Idea for New MOTU Contributors

Null Ack nullack at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 11:28:51 BST 2008

Gday folks :)

A number of users on the Ubuntu forums have been writing "how to's" in
the tutorials & tips section. Some of these involve tweaks, patch
compiles and other things that would be better served by contributions
in MOTU. Some ideas I've got on this:

* Perhaps the creation of a role for a MOTU member or similar to act
as a bridge between that section of the forum and participating in
MOTU. I don't think there'd be much work in this, just keeping an eye
on the types of how to's being posted and maybe sending a PM to the
author along the guides of thats great, that helps the users, are you
interested in helping get that into Ubuntu as a whole? And heres some
places to start looking in the wiki and some videos on youtuube in
case you are.

* Perhaps a sticky in the tutorials section along the same lines.

My own story with this might be helpful. I had figured out I needed to
compile a patched version of a package to get the functionality I
needed to work right. Not wanting to be selfish I posted a how to
guide on the forums and have been helping with support questions from
other users. When a friend on IRC suggested what I was doing was
"pointless", that was motivation enough to get over the fear with the
learning curve and time needed to fix the package right, as a root
cause no hassles fix for everyone. My feedback is that the MOTU wiki
is excellent, and the you tube videos of Daniel is also excellent.
Coupled with the support on the MOTU IRC channel (many thanks to all)
I managed to blunder my way through it. I think I can probably now do
similar patches in less than five minutes. And now, I am a proud
parent who has taken the birth of my new deb package, given her a
really "nice" value on the process list, and I will treasure her
functions as she's runs and sleeps on the kernel! Blessed is she!

While I make a living in ICT, I dont call myself a developer, and I
think MOTU contributions arent prerequisites to it.



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