make ubuntu-dev a member of various packaging teams

Soren Hansen soren at
Tue Sep 16 16:25:37 BST 2008

Readressed to motu-council (instead of ubuntu-council)..

On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 04:52:04PM +0200, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> I noticed that nowadays there are quite a number of "specialised"
> packaging teams for certain packages and group of packages. Teams that
> come to my mind:
> I'm sure we have quite some more of such teams that have only the
> purpose to provide a PPA. I therefore ask if someone would object to add
> ~ubuntu-dev as a member of such teams. This would instantly enable all
> Ubuntu Developers to upload to such PPAs without applying there.
> What do you think about this idea?

It's certainly an interesting proposal. One might also consider adding
u-u-c instead, so that they actually get additional development related
privileges without actually affecting Ubuntu proper. This was, after
all, part of the originial intent of that team, as per the announcement:


   While the specific entitlements granted to this team are still
   expanding, the intent is to allow most development activities that do
   not specifically require upload to the archives or extensive
   experience with package management to be performed by members of this
   team.  In addition to other efforts underway, I would like to
   encourage anyone maintaining a VCS for Ubuntu packaging of a universe
   package to consider using this team in place of ~ubuntu-dev as a
   source of acceptable committers.

> [I'm not sure if motu-council can/or should decide on that.

I don't think we should decide. We can make a recommendation, but I
think the teams are too diverse and the use of their respective PPA's is
too diverse as well to make a general decision.

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