Stepping up as REVU Coordinator

Siegfried Gevatter (RainCT) rainct at
Fri Sep 12 21:24:32 BST 2008


The current REVU Coordinator, Richard Johnson (nixternal), asked some
time ago for help as he hasn't enough time for the role anymore (as
you may have noticed as there has been no REVU Day since a while). As
until now nobody has stepped up for the position, after speaking about
it with Emmet Hickory (persia) I decided to volunteer to take it over
and Richard was happy with that. So, unless someone is against it, I
hereby declare myself as the new REVU Coordinator :P.

As explained on, as a REVU
Coordinator I'll work with the REVU hackers (ie, basically, with
myself o_O), admins, reviewers, and contributors to ensure its
efficient usage and processing. This means that if you have any
problem with / suggestion for REVU you should come and tell me.

Further, I'd like to ask you to tell me when you'd prefer "REVU Days"
to happen (@nixternal: or if you already got responses to this when
you asked the same, please tell me :)).

I also want to remember that REVU now offers personal
( and per-package
(,PKG2) feeds, and that
you can read about changes to REVU itself on Optional e-mail
notifications will come somewhen soon.


Siegfried-A. Gevatter (RainCT)
Ubuntu Developer. Debian Contributor.

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