Call for help with ubottu and #ubuntu-meeting scheduling

Emmet Hikory persia at
Thu Sep 4 18:26:16 BST 2008

    In the hopes that some of you are python developers, and may know
how to parse iCal feeds, ubottu needs your help to properly schedule
#ubuntu-meeting.  Specifically, although the data on recurring
meetings is available, ubottu isn't quite able to keep track of the
fact that they recur, and so fails to properly schedule the channel..

    If you happen to know how to parse iCal feeds in python, and have
a bit of time, please take a look at ubottu's calendar parsing code
(1), and see if you can make an adjustment to help keep the
#ubuntu-meeting scheduling both complete and accurate.  If you don't
happen to fall into this category, apologies for the extra mail.

    Thank you.



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