Minutes of motu-release meeting, Friday 29th August, 11.00 UTC.

Emmet Hikory persia at ubuntu.com
Wed Sep 3 21:37:28 BST 2008

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> Stefan Potyra wrote:
>> The following flavors have been agreed on to be handled by the following
>> delegates:
>> - Ubuntu Mobile: Oliver Gravert (ogra)
>> - Ubuntu MID: Loic Minier (lool)
> Isn't Mobile and MID the same? Or did you meant Education instead of Mobile?

    Actually, no longer.  While it is certainly somewhat confusing
that in hardy, the ubuntu-mobile package contained a subset of what
became the Ubuntu MID release, there are now two properly named seeds
for different purposes.

 From the MobileTeam FAQ:

== What is the Ubuntu Mobile flavour? ==

Ubuntu Mobile is focused on improving the experience for 7-9"
clamshell devices, commonly called "subnotebooks" or "netbooks".
Current customisations include optimising the desktop environment for
smaller screens and selecting alternate applications for highly-mobile
use cases.

== What is the Ubuntu MID flavour? ==

Ubuntu MID is focused on providing an application interface for 4-6"
tablets and convertibles, commonly called "Mobile Internet Devices" or
"Personal Mobile Tools", and similar in form-factor to devices
previously called "Personal Digital Assistants".  The standard
environment has been replaced with a touch-oriented interface, and
application selection had been adjusted considerably to better meet
identified use cases for this type of device.

    Separately, Edubuntu is entirely within main, and so properly
belongs to ubuntu-release, rather than motu-release.


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