Using Brainstorm for packaging requests

Daniel T Chen crimsun at
Sun Oct 19 19:00:39 BST 2008

On 10/18/2008 06:06 PM, Jordan Mantha wrote:

> I'm intrigued by this idea. Here's a quick thought/proposal, what if
> we split our current "needs-packaging" system into something more like
> Debian's RFP (Request For Package) and ITP (Intent To Package) system.
> I believe RFPs would be perfect for Brainstorm. Even more nice might
> be a brainstorm instance on REVU so you can see the whole process from
> REVU. Then we can use Launchpad for the ITPs, which make more sense.
> Going along with this perhaps it would be useful to have a dummy or
> minimal package called wnpp (to be consistent with Debian) that we can
> file the ITP bugs against. Some advantages would be:
>    * moves packaging requests/work out of the general category of
> packages that aren't filed against any package, which would help the
> people triaging that set of bugs.
>    * it works very similar to Debian, which helps people get their
> packages into Debian.
>    * useful information such as policy/procedures for getting a new
> package in could be installed via the package or perhaps it could
> Recommend ubuntu-dev-tools or something.
> I've added a MOTU Meeting agenda item which persia has agreed to
> represent, as I won't make it, to discuss the idea of this idea.
> Thoughts?
> -Jordan
Agreed, having a Brainstorm instance running on REVU and "ITP"s on LP
would be clearer.

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