Using Brainstorm for packaging requests

Caroline Ford at
Sat Oct 18 23:25:49 BST 2008

> I've added a MOTU Meeting agenda item which persia has agreed to
> represent, as I won't make it, to discuss the idea of this idea.
> Thoughts?
> -Jordan

Having them in malone makes them easier to link to the Debian request
- and we can see if the status changes in the Debian bug. This means
it is easier to see if the request has been satisfied.

I see Brainstorm as a bit of a backwater - I never check there. I
suspect any packaging requests on brainstorm would be ignored. (Saying
I should login there and look there instead doesn't make me do so).

Brainstorm just appeared by press release one day and was never even
announced on any of the developer lists as far as I remember. It's not
anything I personally have anything to do with and I'm not sure of
it's actual real purpose. I don't have the time or inclination to deal
with it. I don't even have a login there.


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