Standing freeze exception for packagekit

James Westby jw+debian at
Tue Oct 14 11:55:30 BST 2008


After requesting a couple of freeze exceptions for packagekit it
was suggested that we apply for a standing freeze exception. Thanks
to the release team for dealing with the requests, and apologies for
not doing this sooner.

The justification would be that packagekit is a young and fast moving
project, and while it is not ready for widespread use in Ubuntu the
testing helps packagekit and especially Sebastian while developing
the apt backend. Upstream tends to work around the Fedora release
schedule, so it is close to ours, but the difference, and the different
attitudes to the release put  strain on our release team. It is
now intended to land no more features before 8.10.

If a standing exception is granted does that continue through RC
freeze? If not it still helps as there was just another upstream
release anyway we could put in without troubling the release team.

Also, RC freeze is on Thursday, and I think it would be useful to
have clarification from motu-release for what this means for Universe.



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