Incorrect Schema-definition in Openbox

Mats Erik Andersson mats.andersson at
Fri Nov 28 11:03:30 GMT 2008

Dear maintainer of openbox-,

I hereby would like to submit a patch to correct
the version of the XML-Schema file


that comes bundled in


The original file (identical to the upstream file)
is not even close to validate against the DTD of,
but this is remedied with my patch. 

The new schema file is able to validate


except for one instance where the original developers
have incorrectly used a value "yes" (i.e. "ob:bool")
where the schema definition demands "xsd:integer", as follows:

246   <keybind key="C-A-Tab">
247     <action name="NextWindow">
248       <panels>yes</panels><desktop>yes</desktop>
249     </action>
250   </keybind>

I contructed a clause for the new element "startupnotify"
based on the example presented on the changelog site of Openbox.
This covers also the text in the Ubuntu package.

Best regards,

Mats Erik Andersson <mats.andersson at>

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