Stepping down from motu-sru

Luca Falavigna dktrkranz at
Fri Nov 28 08:28:12 GMT 2008


after serving for two release cycles as a motu-sru team member, I
decided to leave this position open for another developer interested in
post-release activities.

Work pressure increased a lot lately and I was not able to process SRU
and MOTU activities as I did in recent past. motu-sru is a key team and
deserves much more love than the amount I can give to it right now. I am
still strongly interested in SRUs, I will be probably around again in
the future, but I (sadly) feel this is the right decision for now.

A big thank you to all team members, current and former, for the help
provided and for the huge amount of work done, you ROCK!


 . ''`.      Luca Falavigna
 : :'  :  Ubuntu MOTU Developer
 `. `'`     Debian Maintainer
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