Jaunty pre-freeze Freeze Exception Request: monodevelop

Jo Shields directhex at apebox.org
Wed Nov 19 17:53:57 GMT 2008

On Wed, 2008-11-19 at 11:22 -0600, Luke L wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 10:18 AM, Jo Shields <directhex at apebox.org> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > The "monodevelop" package in Ubuntu has been stuck on the same version
> > for an eternity, and users are (rightly) annoyed at its bugs & lack of
> > features. However, we have long been cautioned by upstream not to use
> > any SVN snapshots or alpha tarballs in a stable release, as they would
> > become impossible to support very quickly.
> >
> > The next major stable release, however, is due "relatively" soon -
> > probably around February or March, but possibly later. An alpha release
> > which essentially feature-freezes the app until final is due to be
> > released within a week.
> >
> > I think we're more than due for a nice new version, but I'm extremely
> > uncomfortable about the idea of adding an unstable snapshot now (in
> > order to make sure the packaging work is current & valid) if I can't get
> > the final release of the app into the same release.
> >
> > So, can I get some level of assurance that a 2.0 pre-final package in
> > Jaunty could definitely be updated to final, even at a late stage in the
> > release? Even if, Hardy-FF3-style, it slips past the final deadline and
> > needs to appear in jaunty-updates?
> >
> > If not, then I feel the best plan is to leave the current (1.0) version
> > of the package in place.
> >
> > --Jo Shields
> >
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> >
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> Isn't monodevelop on the current version in Inrtepid (1.0)?

Yes. The same "stable" package as Hardy. And the same one as currently
found in Jaunty. It's a bit... well, unstable.

> Mono itself, and the C# compiler, are up-to-date, with CLI 2.0 and C# 3.0.

Well, not really. But that's another topic (which would need to go to
-devel, given Mono is in Main). Mono 2.2 is due by the end of the year,
2.0.1 is current. 2.0 is stuck in Debian NEW, targeting Experimental.
Mono 2.0 was released ages ago (2.0 was out in October, so as you can
imagine, I saw a lot of complaints that it wasn't in Intrepid, much like

Mono's release schedule is unfortunately a little out of sync with us,
so it's hard to get the "latest" version (though I'm working with
upstream and with the rest of Debian pkg-mono to do what we can).
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