Jaunty pre-freeze Freeze Exception Request: monodevelop

Jo Shields directhex at apebox.org
Wed Nov 19 16:18:29 GMT 2008


The "monodevelop" package in Ubuntu has been stuck on the same version
for an eternity, and users are (rightly) annoyed at its bugs & lack of
features. However, we have long been cautioned by upstream not to use
any SVN snapshots or alpha tarballs in a stable release, as they would
become impossible to support very quickly.

The next major stable release, however, is due "relatively" soon -
probably around February or March, but possibly later. An alpha release
which essentially feature-freezes the app until final is due to be
released within a week.

I think we're more than due for a nice new version, but I'm extremely
uncomfortable about the idea of adding an unstable snapshot now (in
order to make sure the packaging work is current & valid) if I can't get
the final release of the app into the same release.

So, can I get some level of assurance that a 2.0 pre-final package in
Jaunty could definitely be updated to final, even at a late stage in the
release? Even if, Hardy-FF3-style, it slips past the final deadline and
needs to appear in jaunty-updates?

If not, then I feel the best plan is to leave the current (1.0) version
of the package in place.

--Jo Shields

(not on-list, so please CC)

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