Launchpad options for WNPP support

Emmet Hikory persia at
Wed Nov 19 06:38:54 GMT 2008

Fellow Developers,
    I spoke briefly with Björn Tillenius about options for handling the
WNPP mess.  Launchpad does not currently support pseudopackages, and
this is not planned.  There is a workflow bug with using an Ubuntu WNPP
project (0), but this can be prioritised for resolution if there is a
strong use case (e.g. we really want it).  I'd like to invite further
discussion around managing the list of requested packages, leading to a
request to the our Lauchpad Liaison to increase the priority of this bug
if required.

    Personally, I feel any selected system should meet the following goals:

1)  Allow users to request packages for inclusion in a relatively
painless manner

2)  Provide a facility to search easily through existing requests to
determine if the package has already been requested.

3)  Provide a means to link to Debian RFP/ITP bugs so that if a bug is
closed in Debian, this information can be made available to the
requesting user, and ease the job of removing obsolete requests.

4)  Not require additional authorisation or other activity that might
decrease the ease for a developer to review requests to see if there are
any packages of specific interest.



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