Who can get NEW source packages into Ubuntu?

David Faerman dfaerman at tecnovoz.com.ar
Thu Nov 6 19:10:41 GMT 2008

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debian has a very strict procedure to submit new code...
only developers can and if you are not a developer you should get some
one who help you (there is forums and mailing list for that)
Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> Hi all,
> Siegfried-Angel wrote:
>> to don't waste time reviewing the packages of those people who we have
>> already lost and who may not come back again, but instead to focus on
> I agree with this: we don't want unmaintained packages in Ubuntu. Most of the
> packages have a maintainer in Debian (and there may or may not be people in
> Ubuntu caring for them). But getting new packages directly into Ubuntu means we
> rely on ourselves to completely maintain those packages. For some cases that's
> not a problem, as there will be some developer or a team (e.g. Desktop,
> Kubuntu...) taking care of it. But in other cases, it may be possible that we
> upload a package to the archive some random person created and uploaded to REVU,
> and once it's in the archive he doesn't keep maintaining it.
> That's a big problem IMHO, and a solution someone proposed would be to restrict
> the 'privilege' of getting new source packages into Ubuntu to people who are UUC
> or in ~ubuntu-dev.
> I don't think it's particularly difficult to get UUC status, so if people want
> to contribute, they can start with patches, merges, updates, etc. to packages
> already in the archive (which IMHO it's easier to get involved, rather than
> creating new packages from scratch).
> What do people think about that?
> Cheers,
> Emilio

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