rename system-cleaner-gtk to cruft-remover-gtk

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Mon Nov 3 13:27:29 GMT 2008

Maybe this is my misinterpertation of the purpose of the application, but I am unsure that a whitelist/blacklist would be the right solution.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the tool removes apps that are not in the repository (for whatever reason; manually install, obsolete, etc).  Why would we white list such apps?  If such a use case exists for the package to stay on the system (example - manually installed apps) should the app not exist in the repository?

On that note, maybe we can obtain statistics (with permission) of debs that are installed manually and do not exist in the repository.  This data can then be used to prioritize applications that need packaging or upgrading.  We can base priority on the number of instances we see...etc.


Justin M. Wray

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