REVU - Direct uploads limited to universe-contributors

Siegfried-Angel siggi.gevatter at
Mon Nov 3 11:47:22 GMT 2008

I think we should discuss this on a new thread as it isn't directly
related to the cleanup (and this decision may be more polemic than
that one about the cleanup).

2008/11/3 Michael Casadevall <sonicmctails at>:
> Talking on IRC, I think a good comprise is limiting direct uploads to
> REVU to those with Ubuntu Universe Contributor. The reasoning behind
> this is that someone who has UUC is more likely to stick around, and
> know who to ask to help get sponsors and the packaging is less likely
> to require hand holding.
> Currently, the REVU login proces just grabs the key of the user who
> logins from Launchpad, but we can modify that so it checks the group,
> and only installs the GPG keys if the user is UUC or greater. As some
> people know, we have a PPA importer on REVU, so I suggest for non-UUC
> who wish to build packages, we limit them to importing, and it will
> only import if the build has been successful so at least there is a
> know good start to packaging.
> Michael

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