Ubuntu Open Week coming up Apr 28 - May 2

Neal McBurnett neal at bcn.boulder.co.us
Sun Mar 30 16:56:29 BST 2008

I forwarded Daniel's invitation to my loco team, and got this request:

From "David L. Willson" <DLWillson at TheGeek.NU>
> On Thu, 27 Mar 2008 07:44:04 -0700, Neal McBurnett wrote
> > What would you like a tutorial on?  Or what would you like to give one
> > on?
> > 
> > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek/Prep
> New and/or highlighted features of Hardy.

To make that more development-oriented, I'd suggest something that
highlights changes in procedures, practices, etc.  E.g. descriptions
of how upstart works and what work we need to do to migrate from
/etc/init.d, etc.

And it also raises the question of whether we'd like to have some kind
of session geared to users, reviewers, or the like.  Perhaps the
marketing team would like to sponsor a session in which we fine-tune
our release notes, update marketing materials, etc?


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