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Michele Angrisano micheleangrisano at
Fri Mar 14 19:37:49 GMT 2008

On Mon, 18 Feb 2008, Emanuele Gentili wrote:

>/ I started contributing to MOTU community with security bug fix,
/>/ security auditing, merge, sync, packaging for my personal PPA (will
/>/ added in ubuntu-it-dev in hardy+1).
/>/ In the future, I would like to focucus in Security for develope Ubuntu
/>/ Pentest team and help in other SecurityTeam branch.
/>/ /

I've sponsored a few of his packages and the quality of them is very good
His work is constant. He's very enthusiast of work with us to refine Ubuntu and I'm happy to sponsor his MOTU application.
The feedback of Security Team is very good, so, +1 from me.Thanks a lot Emanule for your work.

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