Cesare Tirabassi cesare.tirabassi at
Sat Jun 28 11:54:18 BST 2008

On Saturday 28 June 2008 00:08:20 Stefan Potyra wrote:

> Subquestions are: what do you (members of motu-release) would like to add,
> what did you observer generally in regards to motu-release, what to
> improve?

One thing that irked me, and I would really do something about for Intrepid, 
was the fact that two positive votes are enough to approve any FFe, no matter 
if 3 out of 5 members are against it.
I would definitively change this to a majority vote. The problem is that with 
the current number of members this would require 3/5 to pass which might not 
be attainable in a reasonable amount of time.
Reducing the number of members to 3 (and therefore having 2/3 to pass) doesn't 
seem a good idea too.
So, I'd propose a +2 in a (insert a reasonable amount of time here, 2 days 
since the date a _valid_ request was filed seems reasonable to me) ? The 
obvious drawback is that no FFe can be approved before the 2 days elapse, in 
my view a reasonable price to pay.

An alternative would be to have a veto system, in which any member can stop 
the regular process by simply objecting (obviously with reasonable arguments) 
against the FFe. In this case the FFe will not be approved until the required 
majority is obtained.

I'd also discourage the practice of accepting an FFe on the base of a short 
IRC chat without apparently any research on the implications and background 
of the request.
We have an FFe process so lets make the best use of it (accepting an FFe 
because your buddy is asking you to do it on IRC, or because somebody you 
trust is telling you that it will be good to have that package, are not, in 
my humble view, good reasons to accept an FFe).

Finally, I always found a nonsense that we have a rather strict system until 
few days before release and then exactly when we should really tighten the 
tap, we relax all requirements (its enough to have one IRC approval without 
sometime even filing a request).


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