Minutes for MOTU Meeting 13th June 2008

Emmet Hikory persia at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 16 12:27:58 BST 2008

Ubuntu MOTU Meeting Minutes for Friday, 13 June 2008, 20:00 UTC. (1)

== Selecting a logo for the Ubuntu Contributing Developers team ==

Emmet Hikory asked for discussion and selection of an emblem, to be
selected from those previously posted (2) to be added to the launchpad
team.  After some discussion of the relative roles of MOTU Council and
MOTU generally towards such a selection, Reinhard Tartler suggested
that the decision be delegated to the MOTU Council as attendance at
the meeting appeared too sparse to gather sufficient consensus.

== New Launchpad Liaison ==

Reinhard reminded the attendees that there is a new MOTU Launchpad
liaison, specifically Reinhard himself.  Assistance is requested,
specifically with keeping track of MOTU related bugs, discussion of
their relevance, prioritizing them MOTU-wise and writing up launchpad
release reports for MOTU, as detailed in his  acceptance mail (3).

== ffmpeg Transition underway ==

Reinhard also asked for assistance with the ffmpeg transition, which
is causing a number of FTBFS packages in universe due to API changes.
Due to issues with Launchpad handling massive numbers of tasks, this
transition is not being tracked as a bug.

== MOTU SRU Meeting ==

Scott Kitterman announced that there will be a MOTU SRU meeting at
21:00 UTC on 16th June to integrated the new members and baseline
where they are.  All interested parties are welcome to attend.

== Next Meeting Time ==

The Next MOTU Meeting will be 27th June 2008, 04:00 UTC.

1: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Meetings/2008-06-13
2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Teams/Emblems
3: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-motu/2008-June/004047.html

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