Good communication with upstream is good idea

Osamu Aoki osamu at
Sun Jul 20 13:43:53 BST 2008


I found some of my packages are offered as a part of Ubuntu archive.
(Practically copied with minor adjustment.) That is good but I felt a
bit strange since I needed to use my time to find it out.

Then, I realized I am no better than the Ubuntu MOTU developers on how to
deal with upstream as Debian Developer.

I think we should encourage packager to contact upstream with simple
"hello!" message and he (or myself) should be part of active upstream ML.

After all, we all are human.  Friendly "hello" always helps people.

I know this is not something we need to have as policy but as a part of
best practice document, it is good to mention.  For Debian, "Developers
Reference".  If I miss it in "Developers Reference", I am sorry.

I also appreciate Ubuntu MOTU developers who port Debian packages to do
the same. (Or Ubuntu employees to encourage such action to their

For Debian, please continue discussion on Debian list.  If you think
this is valid and have good English skill, please propose patch to
Developers reference.

For Ubuntu, please continue discussion on Ubuntu list while you may CC
me since I do not subscribe to it.

Please, do not flame.  That is not my intension of this posting.  Just a
thought and suggestion to improve human relations in general.


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