New Japanese dictionary packages

Alexander Rundberg alexander.rundberg at
Sat Jul 19 22:13:13 BST 2008

Hello, I'm working on bringing some new Japanese dictionary packages to 
Ubuntu's packaging. In the current repository we have (from what I can find) 
edict, compdic, enamdict and kanjidic; all of which are almost one year old. 

The package names are simply edict (edict + compdic), kanjidic (kanjidic) and 
enamdict (enamdict).

As a learner of Japanese I'd be willing to, with some help (as I'm new to 
packaging) extend this list to include some more dictionary files. Since they 
are all part of the edict project 
( I'd suggest renaming them 
as following though: edict-edict, edict-compdic, edict-kanjidic, 
edict-classical, edict-enamdict, edict-lsd and so on.

Would this be okay to do? I think it'd improve usability for a couple of 
japanese language learners.

Thank you,
Alexander Rundberg

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