Emmet Hikory persia at ubuntu.com
Thu Jul 10 15:04:57 BST 2008

David Futcher wrote:
> I agree that u-u-c's should get more priveleges than plain Ubuntu members as
> from what I can see from IRC logs/mailing list archives, it is much easier
> to get plain membership than u-u-c status.

    It shouldn't be especially harder to get membership through u-u-c
than through any other method.  In any of these cases, the applicant
needs to demonstrate both significant and sustained effort working
within some (or multiple) areas of the community.  One factor that may
make u-u-c appear more difficult is that typically only one's
contributions within the development community are reviewed, rather
than contributions also in other areas.  That said, it probably takes
longer between application and the granting of membership for u-u-c,
but that's in part due to the different process used.


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