GTKPOD needs a new package, please.

Bill Yerazunis yerazunis at
Tue Jul 8 15:28:39 BST 2008

It seems that the current Ubuntu package for GTKPOD is sufficently
old that it does not support the new Apple ipods (that is, Classics,
the ones with the anodized aluminium rather than the plastic
front panels).  These new ones have a per-machine checksum
on their databases; if the checksum is incorrect, the iPod will
say "no music", "no videos", etc. thus be useless.

The newest versions of gtkpod and libgpod do the right thing to
set the checksum correctly (and automagically).  HOWEVER,
the package system versions of gtkpod and libgpod are old
enough to not support this.

This "not support" is particularly bad, since merely plugging the
ipod into an old-version GTKPOD system will cause the database
to be "updated" and then the checksum doesn't match, and the
iPod then doesn't work.

So, please build out a new gtkpod and libgpod package for
those of us who have the new(er) Apple iPods....

   - Bill Yerazunis

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