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On Sun, Jul 06, 2008 at 03:05:55PM +0200, Stefan Potyra wrote:
>> I'm not sure what you mean? What exactly is you think people expect
>> to achieve by becoming a member of universe-contributors, but don't?
> I believe that there is expectation to have additional privileges
> apart from plain ubuntu-membership when being accepted as a
> universe-contributor. 
> As Nathan already pointed out, this is partly reflected in the wiki
> page, and I'd like to add that the team description [1] is also a bit
> misleading. 

Hmm... Yes, there does indeed seem to be a bit of a dichotomy here.
Thanks for bringing this up!

> Now the question however is how to fix this: 
> b) to actually hand out additional privileges, ranging from being able to 
> triage bugs to being able to upload a set of packages (as soon as LP can do 
> this). IIRC there were some good ideas back during the initial discussion 
> about universe-contributors, might eventually make sense to revisit these.

I think this is the right approach. Perhaps a good start would be to
move (at least some of) the branches belonging to ubuntu-dev to be owned
by universe-contributors.  However, it seems that this would effectively
revoke ubuntu-core-dev's access to said branches since MOTU (not
ubuntu-dev) is a member of universe-contributors. I wonder if this is

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