Statement from the MOTU Council about Marco Rodrigues

Soren Hansen soren at
Fri Jan 18 11:01:56 GMT 2008

Looking at the report compiled by Cesare Tirabassi and Daniel Holbach
[1] (thanks for the work you and others put into it), we feel it's
necessary to issue this statement.

     1. We appreciate Marco Rodrigues' insight after this supervision
        period [2]. Marco: Taking the time to carefully reflect about
        the comments will hopefully prove useful to you.
     2. Further we'd like to ask Marco Rodrigues to refrain from
        contributing to Ubuntu Development from now on. The way this
        happened in the past was marked by repetition and lack of
        improvement in a lot areas and constant supervision in the team
        is not sustainable.
     3. We believe that the same problems and conditions will probably
        apply to other situations and scenarios too. Therefore we'd
        like to give the advice to take the comments about impatience,
        integration with a team, asking for guidance seriously.
     4. We wish Marco the best for his future.
     5. If Marco Rodrigues wishes to come back the MC will require:
             1. MOTUs supporting this wish actively.
             2. A solid indication of changes in the work style.


On behalf of the MOTU council, 
Soren Hansen
Daniel Holbach
Michael Bienia
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