Summary of the supervision of Marco Rodrigues

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Wed Jan 16 15:35:05 GMT 2008

Summary of the supervision period
      * Marco Rodrigues has put a lot of work into improving Ubuntu.
        After ~3 weeks
        lists around 100 items. 
      * Most of these items are sync requests, undoubtedly in an attempt
        to bring in good fixes from Debian and to reduce the delta.
        Unfortunately in a lot of cases the rationale behind this wasn't
        directly clear. Some only fixed very minor issues, where the
        amount of work involved to get the sync done was bigger than the
      * A lot of back and forth between reviewers (and archive admins)
        and Marco was necessary. Checks about rdepends had to be asked
        for a couple of times. 
      * Checking the hardy/gutsy -changes mailing lists Marco has done
        106 uploads (including syncs) up until today. Bearing that in
        mind much of asking back should be unnecessary and interaction
        much more seamless. 
      * Marco has a tendency to be impatient and to try to get the best
        out of drive-by uploads and -syncs. He pings people on IRC
        instead of waiting for his turn. Some bug reports lack
        follow-up (forwarding to Debian outstanding, some slipped
        through the cracks) - this could be done better, especially by a
        less hectic work style. 
      * Marco Rodrigues' wish to improve Ubuntu and be helpful is
        genuine but he still does not ask for help and advice enough. He
        seems to prefer to try things out. We'd like to see more modesty
        in his work style.

      * Marco does a lot of work and helps cleaning up and improving
        Ubuntu. After investigation and several rounds of feedback most
        of his work is OK. 
      * At the same time his over-eager activities and lack of
        improvement regarding a quieter and more patient work style are
        worrying and require strict supervision.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to and made it as clear as
it is today.

Have a nice day,
  Cesare, Daniel

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