Naming problem for the "Falcon Programming Language" in Ubuntu.

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Mon Jan 14 04:42:30 GMT 2008

On Sunday 13 January 2008 21:31, Giancarlo Niccolai wrote:
> Up to date, several MOTUs have checked and reported there is no
> current namespace clash. I am also willing to call my package
> "falconpl", which is also the name of the site:
> gen 13 23:22:50 ScottK    jonnymind: My concern right now (not having
> a great interest in either package) is that if you upload your package
> as falcon to Debian, then it's going to cause trouble between Ubuntu
> and Debian that it would be better to avoid.

My suggestion is to call your package falconpl as you've said you would and 
then conflict against falcon.  After that, we can let the market decide.  If 
one of these packages gets popular enough to cause the other difficulty with 
the conflicts, then the less popular one will move their file in /usr/bin.

As for accusations of CoC violations, you need to address those to the MOTU 
Council.  They have their own list:

motu-council <motu-council at>

Scott K

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