Announcement of role availability: REVU Coordinator

Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at
Mon Feb 18 15:20:59 GMT 2008

    The incumbent REVU Coordinator is stepping down, and as such the
role is available for newly interested parties.  The REVU Coordinator
is an important role in ensuring that the number of available packages
in Ubuntu grows, and that newly included packages are representative
of the quality of packages that Ubuntu can produce.

Responsibilities include:
* Liase with MOTU to maintain and develop REVU processes and procedures
* Liase with REVU Hackers and REVU Admins to keep the REVU service
available for packagers and reviewers.
* Archive rejected packages for which there has been no update or
comment in a long time (currently defined as three months)
* Remove completely accepted pacakges from the server disks
* Schedule, announce, and promote REVU Days (including maintaining the
#ubuntu-motu /topic)
* Assist in updating and backporting automated package analysis tools
* Commit to keeping the review lag as low as possible (two weeks seems
like a reasonable maximum after DIF)
* Assist with REVU administration (e.g keyring syncs, user management,
rejected cleanup, etc.)
* Participate as a reviewer
* Update the MOTU Team report (1) on REVU activity before the 20th of each month

* Be registered as a reviewer on REVU
* Be familiar with best packaging practices
* Have an interest in new packages
* Have 5-10 hours a week to spend on REVU from UDS through FeatureFreeze.

    A meeting will be held 2008 March 15th 21:00 UTC in
#ubuntu-meeting (just after the MOTU Meeting) to determine the person
or team who will fufill this role for the next release.  In addition
to historical activities, candidates will be judged based on their
plans for REVU and new packages for Ubuntu.  In the meantime,
candidates are encouraged to promote themselves, conspire, compete,
coordinate, collude, contend, debate, and otherwise prejudge results
towards easing consensus during the meeting.  Each person or team
remaining at the time of the meeting will have a short time for
introduction, after which discussion will begin.



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