Cesare Tirabassi norsetto at
Tue Feb 12 09:36:24 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 12 February 2008 07:51:05 Balaji G wrote:

>I am so much interested in contributing to Ubuntu and hence have joined the 
>MOTU list .

Hi Balaji,

I'm glad you joined!

>I am interested in fixing small bugs to  start off with and have already 
>started reading through the packaging guide in the Ubuntu Wiki.

Thats a very good start. I can suggest you a couple of other wiki pages to 
look at: should give you an overall view on 
what is involved in the Ubuntu development process. lists some 
bitesized bugs if you want to jump straight in lists all activities we are currently 

If you need help or have some questions you want answered, you could pay a 
visit to the IRC freenode channel #ubuntu-motu:

We also have semiregular Q&A sessions on Fridays in #ubuntu-classroom, usually 
around 13:00 UTC.

You should also subscribe to the ubuntu-motu-mentors mailing list where you 
could find help more suitable for a newcomer.
Feel free to post any questions you have in ubuntu-motu or ubuntu-motu-mentors 
or to seek help in #ubuntu-motu.


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