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Am Montag, 11. Februar 2008 18:12 schrieb Jon Reagan:
> Thanks for the info!  Before I get ahead of myself,  is it true that I
> will need all of the debian/ folders to sign the package?

You'll need a valid source package, to sign one. dpkg-buildpackage 
(-rfakeroot) -S (-sa) will build you one, and tries to sign that later as 
well (you could disable this via -us -uc).

However dpkg-buildpackage will also try to run the clean rule from 
debian/rules, so you'll need it.

> The source that I have of OpenProj builds using ant, instead
> of ./configure.  As of now, there are no "debian/rules" folders,
> although all of the source (mainly a bunch of .jars) are currently in
> their respective folders.  So, dpkg-buildpackage, dh_make, and friends
> don't work since there is no source only folder.  I was told that all
> build systems are supported by the Ubuntu repos, so I know there's a
> way.

In short, debian/rules is a Makefile, which must have a few targets. One of 
them is "clean" (clean the package to the old state) and one of them 
is "binary" (which must produce a .deb package). You can find a list of 
required targets and what these should do in the debian-policy manual [1].

Since you are free to call whatever commands are suitable inside the rules 
file to produce the package, so you could of course call ant from there...

> At least I know the project makes a .deb! :P

I'd very much encourage you to have the upstream build system only take care 
for building the upstream project, and turn this into a .deb package via 
dh_builddeb and friends.

Maybe you would also like to take a look at the various packaging related 
documents (e.g. the packaging guide), for which I currently don't recall the 
url though.

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