Using REVU

Jon Reagan jreagan1990 at
Mon Feb 11 17:12:26 GMT 2008

Thanks for the info!  Before I get ahead of myself,  is it true that I
will need all of the debian/ folders to sign the package?

The source that I have of OpenProj builds using ant, instead
of ./configure.  As of now, there are no "debian/rules" folders,
although all of the source (mainly a bunch of .jars) are currently in
their respective folders.  So, dpkg-buildpackage, dh_make, and friends
don't work since there is no source only folder.  I was told that all
build systems are supported by the Ubuntu repos, so I know there's a

At least I know the project makes a .deb! :P



On Mon, 2008-02-11 at 13:51 +0100, Stefan Potyra wrote:
> Hi Jon,
> Am Montag, 11. Februar 2008 13:32 schrieb Jon Reagan:
> > Hello everyone,
> >
> > Leave it to me to hit a snag right off...
> >
> > I am ready to upload a package via REVU and I am not sure how to join the
> > Universe Contributors Team and get my GPG key added to their keyring.
> >
> > It's not really that I don't know how, it's just I have found several
> > different ways of doing it.  One says I need to send an email, and the
> > other says I need to simply click "join" on a launchpad page.
> The second one is right: You'll need to join the ubuntu-universe-contributors 
> group. After that it's best to ping s.o. on #ubuntu-motu to have REVU update 
> its keyring from the LP group (this used to be run in a cron script, not 
> exactly sure if it is nowadays).
> >
> > Also, when I upload my package through REVU, will it sign the package with
> > my GPG key automatically, or is there some other procedure I need to
> > follow?
> No. You'll need to sign your source package with your GPG key, and REVU will 
> use that signature to check, if the source package will get accepted or 
> rejected.
> To sign your package, you can for example use
> debsign <changes-file>
> or rely on the defaults of dpkg-buildpackage (which should also sign the 
> source pacakge).
> Cheers,
>      Stefan.

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