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Mon Dec 15 17:23:59 GMT 2008


I'd like to propose a small patch for colorgcc.
Although i like the new version that allows to add localizations,
it silently broke my build system. Because right now, it uses the name
it is called with to map to a particular executable. Calling colorgcc
as g++-3.3 thus whould map to /usr/bin/g++, which is version 4.2.

I know there's a 'gccVersion' configuration option, but i think it's
impractical to always change the configuration to switch the compiler
version. I also know that's possible to add additional mappings like:
g++-4.2: /usr/bin/g++-4.2

However, it's very annoying to add those line for all binaries and all
version. I think colorgcc should evaluate to the right version automatically.

The attached patch adds this functionality by removing the version if no
exact match was found, looks up the compiler path, and re-appends the version.

thanks & ciao,

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