Problems with Cernlib-2006

Angelo Graziosi Angelo.Graziosi at
Mon Dec 8 23:25:43 GMT 2008

I do not know if you are still interested to these things but it seems that 
there is some problems with Cernlib-2006.

I have a fortran program (GEANT simulation) which outputs figures (one per 
page) in a PS file. I can see the PS file with GV or GSView but if I extract a 
page from it to another PS file, the page are wrong, only a wrong part of the 
figure is visible and GV or GSView do not emit any message.

The same happens with PAW. I have attached a simple test case to reproduce the 

The PAW macro, test.kumac, produces a PS file with four pages ( If one 
extracts, for example the page 3 (with GV, mark page 3 and 'Save Marked' 
produces test.ps_pages) then reading it with GV (or GSView) shows that it is 
wrong, but without error messages.

I have found these problems both on GNU/Linux Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy with the 
CERNLIB of this distribution (are you the maintainer?), both on Cygwin with my 
build of Cernlib.

If I use GSView on Windows, the same things happen.

Restoring Cernlib-2005 (Vogt, CERN binaries, my build etc., on linux or 
Cygwin...) fixes the problems!

So it looks as a BUG of Cernlib-2006.

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