Activity scores for REVU

Charliej cjsmo at
Sat Aug 30 02:05:29 BST 2008

Siegfried-Angel wrote:
> Hi,
> Morten Kjeldgaard (mok0) suggested an interesting improvement for
> REVU, which can be found on the following blueprint:
> Basically it is about letting REVU calculate two scores for all
> packages, "uploader activity" and "reviewer activity", which would
> provide a fast way to see how responsive the uploader of a given
> package is and how much attention reviewers have given it.
> I'm sending this mail here to ask for ideas on how such scores should
> be calculated.
> Regards,
I am not a MOTU but I think this is a great idea except for this part

"I do not have a concrete idea for a scoring function, but I envision
that it somehow translates to a scale of 3-4 different colours (green,
yellow, red, purple) that could be shown for each line (perhaps only for

Why is this information only for MOTU?  Why can't everyone see this
Would not the entire community benefit from the public disclosure of
this information?
Or have I misread this?


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